For it’s first participation in EXPO CHICAGO, Galeria Nara Roesler will present a solo booth by the Brazilian artist Artur Lescher. At first glance, Lescher’s works seem to stem from a mathematical equation, because of their meticulous positioning, suspended at a precise distance from the floor or carefully placed against the walls. In his creative process; however, the artist makes use of perception and empiricism to justify the proportions and scales used in the creation of his works, which attest to his constant experimentation with materials, their physical qualities, and objectual characteristics. In his pieces, the artist references natural elements that when reproduced--by means of industrial processes--reveal and deny real allusions.


Another key component in Lescher’s body of work is architecture, both in synthesis and context. His works emerge subtly as poetic gestures in space transmitting force and instability, balance and movement, tension and silence. Neutralized, the functionality of the object ceases to exist and the possibilities of interpretation and meaning multiply.


Camila Bechelany, curator of Lescher’s most recent retrospective Suspension (Pina Estação – Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo, May - July, 2019) points out that philosophy plays a fundamental role in consolidating the artist’s formal vocabulary, in particular, phenomenology and “the idea that it is necessary to cease the flow of preconceived ideas and notions for the experience of reality to flower in full. It is this reality of experience as a way to apprehend the world that Lescher’s work seems to strive to reveal to us.”