On the occasion of the digital art fair Not Cancelled, Galeria Nara Roesler is proud to showcase a solo presentation by artist Karin Lambrecht. Karin Lambrecht began her career as part of the iconic Brazilian movement Geração 80 through which she engaged with gestural abstraction and began exploring the expanded field of painting and sculpture. The artist's production began with an investigation into the use of the stretcher, the destruction and reconstruction of the canvas and eventually turned to incorporate an array of organic materials including charcoal, rainwater, soil and animal blood demonstrating her deep-rooted preoccupation with the crossings between art and life. As curator Paulo Miyada describes it, 'The principle of accumulating these materials isn’t one of undifferentiated mixture, but of articulating organs in a visual organism [...] They are super sensitive evocations, a calling to contemplating invisible aspects of human existence.' Indeed, the use of organic materials is just one aspect of a practice anchored in the reality of human life. With recurrent references to religion and spirituality, through the use of symbols and colors—reds and blues—to evoke traditional representations of scripture, also doubling as allusions to nature, Lambrecht's work is ultimately a token of an internal and external investigation of our existence. 


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