For the 2020 Art Basel Hong Kong Online Viewing Rooms, Galeria Nara Roesler is delighted to present a group of works by historical artists Abraham Palatnik, Tomie Ohtake and Antonio Dias, alongside pieces by contemporary artists Vik Muniz and Artur Lescher. The presentation will explore the ways in which foreign cultural heritage has shaped the practice of Brazilian artists and influenced the overall trajectory of Brazilian art.

Beginning with historical pieces by -Brazilian artist of Ukrainian descent Abraham Palatnik, Japanese-Brazilian artist Tomie Ohtake and Antonio Dias, who spent numerous years abroad in Italy, France and Nepal, the online exhibition will seek to underline how each individual responded to and channelled cultural diversity. Having been exposed to Russian constructivism, Shinto-Buddhism and Arte Povera respectively, the artists interweaved these conceptual manifestos into their fundamentally Brazilian practice.

Vik Muniz and Artur Lescher come in as examples of contemporary artists who have shared similar preoccupations - often conversing with historical movements within a Brazilian framework - suggesting a uniting thread that links historical and contemporary artists in their approach to, and in their experience of, the multi-faceted nature of Brazilian heritage. 


To access the viewing rooms, please visit artbasel.com/signup