On the occasion of Art Basel’s OVR: Miami Beach, Galeria Nara Roesler is pleased to present a selection of recent works by South and North American artists including Alexandre Arrechea, Cristina Canale, Marco A. Castillo, Bruno Dunley, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Artur Lescher, Vik Muniz and Abraham Palatnik. The exhibition will showcase the artists’ echoing yet different approaches to understanding the limits of abstraction, figuration, and dimensionality, offering a formal and procedural conversation between works, and across artists of different generations in the Americas. A concise selection of sculptures will serve as a reflection on these formal investigations’ extension into space. The presentation will aim to explore how artists have consistently grappled to come to terms with certain pillars of artistic processes and cannons, seeking to transcend and challenge their often categorical nature. Together, the works will showcase reverberating undertones amongst diverse and cross-generational practices, making it not only an engaging, but also an important point in understanding the works within the region’s art historical trajectory.


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