On the occasion of EXPO CHGO ONLINE, Nara Roesler is pleased to showcase Sweet Spontaneous Earth, named after E.E. Cummings’ poem, presenting a selection of works that engage with nature, as an ever-evolving, indecipherable and untamable force. As the poet so shrewdly suggested, humanity has pruriently attempted to understand nature since the beginning of our existence, only to be met with nature's steady and periodic answer, spring. Perhaps it is nature's answer to our common and unrelenting unrest, forcing us to face and become engulfed by spring, as a useful ruse to assuage our longing and compel us to slow down through its grandeur, to stop and observe, listen, breathe. The works presented hereby, coincide in their strive to capture and contemplate the awe, the moment where we gasp at the overwhelming nature of Earth.


participating artists

brígida baltar

alberto baraya

paulo bruscky

cristina canale

marcos chaves

isaac julien

karin lambrecht

vik muniz

tomie ohtake

marcelo silveira

amelia toledo

cássio vasconcellos