The work of Abraham Palatnik, pioneer of Brazilian kinetic art, went through notable changes, especially regarding the materials, the technique, and even the artist understanding of painting. The machine, for example, with enormous presence in his firsts cinecromatic equipments, doesn’t appear so often. However, these differences do not imply a discontinuity of his work: the unity that permeates all pieces is the artist’s restlessness towards motion.

The kinetics, therefore, is the incessant object of Palatinik’s reflexion, but presents itself with specificities, depending on the technique and the materials used by him in the pieces. These distinctions provide different visual rhythms that require a keen eye of the viewer.

“Abraham Palatnik: See, Move” shows Palatnik’s experimentations with cardboard, progressions using polyester and the most recent pieces of optical-kinetic seriation. In this way, as indicates curator of the exhibition Luiz Camillo Osório, intellectual exercise joins the aesthetic pleasure.


Exhibition Views

vista da exposição -- foto Everton Ballardin © Galeria Nara Roesler