Philippe Decrauzat

Black Paintings (triptych) 2019

acrylic paint on canvas

198 x 198 cm, 155 x 155 cm e 113 x 113 cm

Press Release

Galeria Nara Roesler is glad to present Circulation, solo show by the Swiss artist Philippe Decrauzat, the newest artist represented by the Brazilian gallery. Curated by Matthieu Poirier, the exhibition  is on view simultaneously in the gallery’s São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro spaces, brings together nearly thirty works dealing with the principle of circulation. These works critically address several historical tendencies, including Concrete art, Neo-concretism, Perceptual art, Kinetic art, Op art, and Minimal art, all of which are reconsidered in light of various cultural fields such as cinema, wave physics, modernist architecture, drone music, and cognitive sciences. The viewer, moving in the gallery space, faces traps for the look, which lead to an experience of aesthetic perception and speculation that changes according to the moves and the angle of vision.