Galeria Nara Roesler is pleased to inaugurate Open Air, a large-scale sculpture exhibition installed in the gardens of the Fazenda Boa Vista. Placed under the open sky, the presentation offers an invitation to explore the landscape through pieces that propose new ways of understanding our relationship with space.

Open space sculpture installations have accompanied humanity's own history in numerous different configurations. Pre-historic ritual monuments, obelisks, pyramids and portrait sculptures are a few examples of sculptural practices that have come to punctuate social constructions and human symbolic narratives since their inception. The eight artists selected for Open Air have sought to achieve contemporary responses to the tradition, which still inhabits our collective imaginary. The exhibition invites the audience to take on the role of an observer, who not only sees the work from a distance but is also free to circle and get in close proximity with the pieces. Thus, the viewers interact and establish an extended temporal relationship with the objects, enabling an active contemplation of the sculptures, which transform the very
space they inhabit.

This project is a collaboration between Galeria Nara Roesler and JHSF.


Open Air is an exhibition located in a private condominium. Access is restricted to residents and guests.