Alexia Tala is the invited curator to collaborate in Roesler Hotel's twenty second edition, which opens in the gallery on the 2nd of April. Tala returns to Brazil after having worked as adjunct curator for the 8th Mercosul Biennial (2011), bringing for the first time to South and Central America, the solo show of the British walking artist Hamish Fulton. Entitled Atacama-1234567, the exhibition showcases paintings, wooden prints and sculptures, which result from Fulton's participation in Plataforma Atacama, directed by Alexia Tala. 

On the occasion of the exhibition, a conversation with the artist and the curator happens on April 1, 5:30 PM, at Sala Cultura Inglesa of the British Council, covering Fulton's artistic practice and particularly focusing on his latest experiences in the Atacama Desert, where he climbed Jorquencal peak seven times during the fortnight spent in the small village of Machuca. Hamish Fulton opens the meeting with a performatic monologue in which he intends to poetically reveal his experiences through a stream of consciousness.