pequenas escalas

galeria fayga ostrower, complexo cultural funarte brasília, brasília/df, brasil
26.10 - 26.12.2018

Project contemplated with the Funarte Conexão Circulação Artes Visuais - Visual Acts Funarte Brasília / AM - Centro de Artes Visuais Galeria do Largo, Pequenas Escalas aims to highlight the constant use of miniatures or small objects in the trajectory of artists in evidence in the contemporaneity of Brazil. The main idea of ​​the exhibition is to transmit a look at the world "from different perspectives, in the recurrence of small scales through a cut of contemporary Brazilian art" (Ivair Reinaldim).

Curated by Ivair Reinaldim
Participating artists: Ana Miguel, Anna Bella Geiger, Brígida Baltar, Cadu, Cildo Meirelles, Gê Orthof, Luiz Zerbini, Nazareno, Márcia X and Regina de Paula.

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