art_latin_america: against the survey

davis museum at wellesley college, wellesley, usa
8.2 - 9.6.2019

The work Landmark, by Marco Maggi, participates in the show Art_Latin_America: Against the Survey, which highlights the Davis Museum’s extensive and diverse collection of “Latin American art. It is one of about 150 works exhibited, which are grouped around eight broad thematic sections, understood more as visual nodules and points of collision than as a summary of complex phenomena: Identity and Territory, War and Loss, Protest and Propaganda, Farmers and Workers, City and Country, Saints and Rituals, Models and Mothers, and Gesture and Geometry.


The diversity of the production shown is highlighted – in terms of aesthetics as well as in terms of the contexts, experiences, and points of view of the 99 participating artists, which come from 12 different countries, with about a third being women. 


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