te escribiré siempre. correspondencias. rafael alberti – león ferrari

centro cultural de españa, córdoba, argentina
3.10.2019 - 30.3.2020
Eva y ella (2008), León Ferrari

For over thirty years, Argentinian artist León Ferrari and Spanish poet Rafael Alberti exchanged extensive correspondence, the result of a strong friendship. The letters not only read their individual histories, but also their identify the cultural, political and social contexts embedded in their reflections and analyzes. The exhibition, curated by Rosa Lesca, seeks precisely to explore the breadth of topics covered, such as exile, the loss of loved ones, their processes of creation, as well as the Vietnam War. The process of designing the exhibition starts from the cataloging of Ferrari's collection at the Fundación Augusto y León Ferrari. Art and Collection (FALFAA) in Buenos Aires. In addition to the letters, the visitor can observe drawings, read poems and get to know the book Escrito en el aire (1964), the result of collaboration between the artists.

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