JRSLM — paradise lost again

vrije universiteit brussel – VUB, bruxelas, bélgica
17.10 - 14.12.2019
Imago mundi (2018), José Patrício

The press conference is part of the University's 50th anniversary celebration program. Hans De Wolf's curatorial choice was based on works capable of provoking reflection on one of the great paradoxes of the twentieth century, which is still in force and implies the very function of the institution as a teaching space. The articulation occurs through the relationship between scientific knowledge and religious belief. As our society becomes increasingly rational, we are surrounded by messages of religious intolerance. Just think of conflicts in the name of beliefs and religions, or in their purest, most everyday forms, such as populism and fake news. The discussion falls on man’s possibilities of freedom, who, even with wide access to knowledge, summons moralizing notions as a way of maintaining control. Alongside artists such as Francis Alÿs and Marcel Broodthaers, among others, José Patrício figures with Imago Mundi (2018), a meticulously composed work composed from the organization of pieces of 280 domino games.


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