brígida baltar: filmes

galeria do espaço cultural do BNDES, rio de janeiro, brasil
16.10 - 13.12.2019

Since the early 1990s, artist Brígida Baltar has performed works and actions based on delicate poetic gestures, aimed at capturing fugitive materialities and investigating the relationships between home, body and landscape. The video emerges as a means capable of perpetuating and unfolding their performances, as in Torre (1996) and Mist Collection (1999/2019), as well as a vehicle for investigating transient phenomena themselves, such as No Darkness (2004/2019). ) or Is there a place in a landscape? (2008). Through the 24 works that make up this retrospective, between archives and memory of the artist, lies an unmissable opportunity to get in touch with the actions, fabulations, voices and texts that make up the narratives of Baltar's poetic universe. Curated by Marcio Doctors, the exhibit presents a careful clipping of the artist's works, including unpublished and already known works. The exhibition will also feature a series of complementary activities such as mediated visits and debates, enhancing the exhibition as a space for immersion, experimentation and dialogue with Brígida's artistic practice.


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