completely knocked down

Paulo Bruscky
museu de arte moderna aloisio magalhães - mamam
18.3 - 3.5.2020

The nine artists involved in the project “Completely Knocked Down - Recife Bremen Connection” will join Av. Rio Branco, in Recife Antigo, for the production of a collective performance on March 14, 2020, Saturday, at 4pm. This action is associated with the container with the content to be exhibited at MAMAM from March 18th. The idea is to create a profile that correlates with the exposure. The Container will be an object that will emancipate content for the artists and will remain at Rio Branco throughout the exhibition period. 

The invited artists are Paulo Bruscky, Sílvio Hansen, Márcio Almeida, Christian Haake, Wolfgang Hainke, Tobias Heine, Maria do Carmo Nino and the creators of the project, Francisco Valença Vaz and Rebekka Kronsteiner. 

The exhibition “Completely Knocked Down” is held by Relicário Produções and opens officially on March 18, at 7 pm, at MAMAM with performances, at 8 pm by Paulo Bruscky and Sílvio Hansen with their “Concerteto ao Breu”.