farsa. língua, fratura, ficção: brasil-portugal

Paulo Bruscky
sesc pompéia, são paulo, sp, brasil
29.10.2020 - 30.1.2021
Paulo Bruscky, Poazia, 1977

This exhibition, curated by Marta Mestre and Pollyana Quintella, focuses on the idea of language. The selection of works juxtaposes pieces that include forms of language in Portuguese, particularly as a means of denoting the differences between expression in Portugal versus in Brazil and thus, questioning the myth of linguistic unity. The exhibition investigates polyphony amongst works that engage with language, notably including two pieces by Paulo Bruscky, a leading figure of Brazilian conceptual art. The first work is a collage titled Poazia, and the second is the record of the artist's iconic performance Poesia viva. Bruscky is known for employing language in his work as a means of exploring its formal possibilities, and of imbuing the everyday with lyricism.


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