Instituto de Arte Contemporânea de Inhotim, Brumadinho, Brasil
28.8.2021 - 30.6.2022

Invited by Inhotim, Lucia Koch conceived the installation work “Propaganda” which simultaneously occupies the gardens and galleries of the Contemporary Art Institute, as well as spaces in the city of Brumadinho. To carry out the intervention, the artist researched the most popular items in the city's local markets. After that, she acquired units of these items (charcoal, cheese, and mushrooms), emptied their contents, and photographed the packages, later enlarging the images to a monumental scale. The result is images of the interior of product packages and storage boxes that acquire an architectural dimension. In this game of scales, the smallest becomes immense, while the audience, in turn, sees itself diminished. Koch is known for establishing, in her work, intense dialogue with architecture – both for the way her works interfere in the places where they are installed and for the creation of imaginary spaces that challenge and reorient the viewer's perception. Koch strengthens the relationship between the museum and the local community, not only by making use of the images of packaging of products consumed by the people but also by displaying the same image in two different spaces, leading us to reflect on the relationship between images and their contexts.