crônicas cariocas

museu de arte do rio (mar), rio de janeiro, brasil
25.9.2021 - 31.7.2022

Crônicas Cariocas, Museu de Arte do Rio's main exhibition on its annual calendar, opens its doors with more than 600 works by more than a hundred artists of different generations. The curatorship sign by Marcelo Campos and Amanda Bonan also had the collaboration of historian Luiz Antônio Simas and writer Conceição Evaristo. The exhibition's objective is to give visibility to the most diverse narratives, images, and experiences in the city of Rio de Janeiro, going beyond the ones that usually occupy our imagination. Among the artists present are Brígida Baltar, Cristina Canale, and Elian Almeida, who participates with O mais importante é inventar o Brasil que nós queremos (2021).