terra em tempos: fotografias do Brasil

museu de arte moderna do rio de janeiro (mam rio), rio de janeiro, brasi
26.3 - 17.7.2022

Lucia Koch takes part in Terra em Tempos: Fotografia do Brasil, a group show that focuses on the constructions of national identity and culture based on the photographic collection of the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. The exhibition features around 270 works by 120 artists, produced from 1860 to the present day.

The curatorship of Beatriz Lemos establishes seven thematic axes that cross different periods to think about the relationship between the history of Brazil and the photographic image. Without following a linear chronology, the works are divided into conceptual cores: structure, power and nature; body and subject; family, affection and housing; work and production; technology, photography and access; uses of public space and festivities; spirituality and mystery. In layers of overlapping interpretation, Terra em Tempos is dedicated to critically thinking about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčnation from the cut of the MAM Rio collections.

Lucia Koch participates with Popcorn (2013), which is part of the Fundos series, through which she explores the architectural characteristics of everyday objects, photographing interiors of cardboard boxes used to package food, and drinks, amongst others. An uncanny feeling arises when we face those familiar objects that present themselves under new perspectives, disturbing our perception. In the photographs, we face the emptiness left by the product, which is no longer there and which, in some way, previously gave purpose to that packaging. Koch's aesthetic operation, then, consists of transforming the ordinary into extraordinary images