v744atelier, porto alegre, rs, brasil
14.5 - 22.7.2022

Marcelo Silveira presents C+asa at V744atelier, in Porto Alegre, a space dedicated to creating and exhibiting visual arts. The project involves an exhibition and an artistic residency where the artist will investigate the approximations between fiction and reality, memory and space, producing works for the show.

C+asa departs from five elements that provide inspiration and materials for Silveira: Vilma Sonaglio's house, built in 1962, the year of the artist's birth; Leno's house – from drawings by Heleno (1987), a child who accompanied him, for two years, in activities related to art-education in his atelier, in Gravatá; Roupas de Casa (2002/2003), a series of sculptures made with goat leather and steel; the work of Lya Luft, a writer from Rio Grande do Sul; and the extinct Casa do Desenho, in Porto Alegre.