sesc quitandinha, rio de janeiro
10.7 - 13.11.2022
installation view

Brígida Baltar is participating in the group exhibition Afago curated by Marcelo Campos at Sesc Quitandinha, Rio de Janeiro.

The exhibition will be on view through November 13 and brings together works by artists Ana MiguelErnesto NetoHelô SanvoyJaime LaurianoNydia NegromonteOpavivaráRicardo Basbaum and Santidio Pereira.

In the series Casa de Abelha (2002), the artist is interested in how these insects collectively organize themselves in these structures. Thus, Baltar chooses a honey-colored fabric and sews it using a technique called "bee house". This structure is then placed over different parts of the artist's body, creating a relationship between the ideas of body and home.