tomie ohtake dançante

instituto tomie ohtake (ito), são paulo, brazil
16.11.2022 - 19.3.2023

Tomie Ohtake Dançante [Tomie Ohtake Dancing] celebrates the 20th anniversary of Instituto Tomie Ohtake (ITO). For that special occasion, curators Paulo Miyada and Priscyla Gomes aimed to amplify the views of Ohtake's work from the perspective of the relationship between painting and dance. According to them: "Words such as movement, gesture, matter, rhythm, body, space, displacement, score, and choreography, even before being articulated in a verbal sentence, were mixed in the hypothesis that in Tomie Ohtake's work there's dance, that Tomie is dancing."


In addition to the selection of works, the curators spoke for six months with male and female choreographers from different profiles and careers, which dive themselves into Tomie Ohtake's plastic production. The guests conceived works in dialogue with Tomie's house and practice, carrying out open rehearsals in the artist's studio house, and sharing their processes with the public.


The exhibition features a set of 45 works by the artist organized into three sessions. One of the highlights is the 10-meter-long piece that the artist had designed for the opening of the Institute and which it's being shown again for the first time.


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