olho da rua – o livro da música do filme

nara roesler são paulo
6 9 2023

Nara Roesler São Paulo is pleased to present the cine-concert of the films Jogos dirigidos [57''] and Olho da rua [25''], by Jonathas de Andrade, with a live soundtrack performed by Homero Basílio, Emerson Rodrigues and Antonio Barreto. The special screening of the films at the gallery will take place on September 6, starting at 7pm. The book Olho da Rua - o livro da música do filme (Impressões de Minas Editora, R$ 90) will also be launched on the occasion. The event is free and open to the public.


Olho da Rua - o livro da música do filme was born out of Jonathas and Homero's desire to highlight the symbiosis between image and sound in the duo's partnership. The publication tells the story of a film based on its music and details the procedures of the two creatives, emphasizing the multiple collaborative processes that underpinned the film, shot in Praça do Hipódromo, in Recife, with a cast made up of around 100 homeless people.


In the movie, this group of people get together for a celebration. On an atypical and utopian day, where there are no problems whatsoever, this large family vibrates with the power of collectivity and encounters, highlighting the pulses of life and political contestation that permeate their experiences. With a songbook containing the scores and the history of their instruments, the book echoes the voices of its creators in scene and sound, establishing a dialog with Augusto Boal's Theater of the Oppressed, the method that instigated the work's theatrical propositions.


The book features unpublished photographs and illustrations, texts by Jonathas, Homero and Márcio Bastos, graphic design by Priscila Gonzaga and highlights the sound tapestry of Olho da Rua - a rich texture born from the mixture of instruments from indigenous roots and from all over the world, orchestrated by Homero's wide and diverse musical experience.

Olho da Rua - the book of the film's music will be released in a special edition of just 300 copies, already available for pre-order. In the box, printed in silkscreen, there is a volume with a presentation of the scenes, theatrical notes and the history of the instruments; a songbook with the scores act by act; and a mini-poster created for the book, showing the instruments that bring the soundtrack to life.


At the special session to be held at Nara Roesler São Paulo, Homero Basílio, Emerson Rodrigues and Antonio Barreto will perform the soundtrack of both films live. The unprecedented action in São Paulo took place first in the city of Porto, Portugal, during the Batalha Centro de Cinema's Oásis program and, more recently, in Recife.

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