coleção imaginária

sesc santo amaro, são paulo, brasil
27.4 - 27.7.2019
Marcelo Silveira. Só resta o cheiro, 2005. Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Nara Roesler.

The exhibition is part of the project Desdobramentos – Acervo em expansão, which starts from Sesc Santo Amaro's architecture and the relationship of transparency, overflow and interference presented by architect Edson Elito.

The show discusses the difference between accumulating and collecting. More than an agglomeration of objects, collecting means establishing criteria for selection and categorization. By categorizing, separating, and organizing, the collector defines an order in the world that mirrors the uniqueness of his thought.

In a time when virtual friends are accumulating, to defend the beauty of selectivity and of organization criteria definition is to defend critical thinking, freedom of choice and the definition of values ​​in order to construct of the world we want.

Who can collect and what can be collected? Everyone and everything. Marcelo Silveira collects, in the best sense of the term, wood, glass, paper, and organizes them on shelves, cupboards or warehouses, where there is a correct place for each item. Were these warehouses a representation of our mind and our ability to organize existential chaos through mental resources?

The work of Marcelo Silveira is an incentive to select works for our imaginary collection. Whether it is made up of images of works of art, images of lived scenes or memories of friends, this is a free decision of each collector, that is, of each of us.



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