tomie ohtake: poesia se medita

instituto tomie ohtake
4.10.2019 - 4.10.2020
gravura do albúm YU-GEN, Tomie Ohtake

Tomie Ohtake: Poesia se medita, relates Tomie Ohtake's work with oriental poetry. “As in Tomie's work, the haicku aims to achieve experience through the essence of language", completes the curator, Luise Malmaceda. For the exhibit, works that were structured vertically, as in the Japanese haiku, engravings and paintings of synthetic and objective gestures, which sometimes denote calligraphic trace, and the album YU-GEN, with 12 engravings (1997), were selected.. In addition, it is important to note how the prints gathered in the show reflect the innovative aspect the artist brought to the technique, for which she received international recognition in 1972, when she was invited to attend the Grafica D'Oggi room at the Venice Biennale.

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