estratégias do feminino

farol santander – rua sete de setembro, 1.028, centro histórico, porto alegre - rs
15.10.2019 - 9.2.2020
Leonice Penteado Lucas, Guerrilheiras, da série Alma de Bronze (2017), Virginia de Medeiros

Brígida Baltar e Virginia de Medeiros participate in the exhbition Estratégias do Feminino, from Farol Santander. The exhibit brings a selection of 95 works, produced by 53 artists that impact through their
artistic-conceptual power and that problematize the constitutions, conditions and cultures of the “feminine”.
 These works extend from the early 20th century to the present day. Helena Severo, one of the curators, comments on the exhibition's proposal: "The feminine strategies were considered here as an umbrella from which we could not only group diverse artistic propositions but also plural reflections of idiosyncrasies and shocks with conditions that historically constitute and relegate 'feminine cultures' to oppressive determinisms."