the counter-public sphere in the condor years

the institute for studies on latin american art (islaa), new york, ny, usa
15.10.2020 - 15.1.2021
Antonio Dias, Tapa Olho, 1969

Operation Condor was a US-backed campaign practiced during the Cold War - under supervision and with interference of the CIA - that sought to establish a political and military alliance between the South American countries that were under military regime at the time. Under such rules, individuals who dared to practice their freedom of expression, underwent terrible oppression and persecution. This exhibition, curated by Nicolás Guagnini, presents a selection of South American artists who challenged the forms and notions celebrated during those times in the public space. Antonio Dias' Tapa olho (1969) is notably included in the show, and will join the institution's permanent collection. An illustrated catalogue, including essays on the exhibited works, is available for download on the ISLAA site.


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