marcos chaves: as imagens que nos contam

museu de arte moderna do rio de janeiro – mam-rio
20.3 - 25.7.2021

The exhibition Marcos Chaves: the images that tell us brings together works by the artist from the last four decades. Occupying a large part of the galleries in the Exhibition Block of the museum, the exhibition offers a panorama of Chaves' work, including installations, sculptures, objects, photographs, and videos.

The works show the diversity of languages, formats, and expressions developed by the artist since the beginning of his career, while evidencing a creative impulse that constantly engages with the reality of which he is a part. The works, whether photographic, sculptural, video, or installation, can be thought of as images that capture fundamental aspects of the environments the artist inhabits, the places he travels through - landscapes and places that are also ours.

His gaze recurrently focuses on aspects perhaps less visible, often ignored, but which in his works become deeply revealing. Elements irrelevant to other looks, mistakes or sloppiness in which Chaves notices and captures, and which presented anew by him offer access to the structures and processes that conform the worlds we inhabit.