farol santander, porto alegre, brasil
19.4 - 24.7.2022

In his first major solo show in the city of Porto Alegre, Artur Lescher gathers 28 sculptures in Farol Santander's Mezanino, including Pivô (2014), an installation created using a large suspended structure made of brass and steel cables. Lescher also exhibits sculptures produced between 1998 and 2022, as well as new works developed for the occasion.

“Some works have never worked as well as they do here”, says Lescher about the exhibition. “When I see them, I also want to pay attention to their surroundings and the building as a whole. The work activates the space, changing the perception of that production. It's an exchange and the experience becomes unique. Being an artist is a constructive process and, even after 35 years of practice, I still see myself in constant evolution."