museu histórico da cidade do rio de janeiro, rio de janeiro, brazil
18.6 - 28.8.2022
Rodolpho Parigi. Blue Violet Eckhout. Foto: Divulgação.

Rio de Janeiro's Historical Museum, located in the exuberant Atlantic Forest, in Alto Gávea, Rio de Janeiro hosts the exhibition “Valumes21”, curated by the artist Sergio Mauricio Manon and the anthropologist Ana Amado. In addition to the art exhibition, which features the work “Blue Violet Eckhout” by Rodolpho Parigi, the event features multidisciplinary presentations and activities involving healing, meditation, art and education.


“By privileging the quality of exchange with the public, Vagalumes 21 speaks of an important cultural demand of our society and has the potential to become an annual event that begins with a publication followed by an exhibition and multiple activities,” says businessman and musician Pedro Borges, head of the project.


The exhibition promotes the book “Vagalumes21”, expanding it to the walls. “As a way to promote the access to art books and visual arts, Vagalumes21 intends to expand the book to the walls of the Rio de Janeiro's Historical Museum, promoting an art exhibition, with some of the works of art that are part of the Vagalumes 21 art publication, keeping the same concept of the graphic project of the publication”, says Sergio Mauricio Manon. “As the idea of ​​the project is to talk about the light that each one carries within themselves, we try to hear what each artist has to say about their own work”, adds Ana Amado.