para além das margens

memorial vale, belo horizonte
15.10 - 4.12.2022

Para Além das Margens premieres this Saturday (10/15), at 11 am, at the The Vale Memorial, which was originally conceived by Instituto Cultural Vale for the Brazil Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, and will now be shown for the first time in Brazil. The exhibition consists of three videos by Cao Guimarães and 66 photographs by Christian Knepper, Elza Lima, Marcel Gautherot, Maureen Bisilliat, Pierre Verger, Ronney Alano and Walter Firmo. With free admission, it is on display until 4/12.

The curatorship is by Gabriel Gutierrez, who chose the works as a manifesto of what can be called essentially Brazilian, exuding the experience of the popular man in his existential epic, portraying the subjects that inhabit Brazil. “This exhibition brings the diversity of the different Brazilian communities that are sustaining what we call a nation. The chosen photographers portrayed people in their daily lives and in the production of this culture that we are talking about, from the preparation of food, with demonstrations of their religiosity, through their relationship with the landscape, within a flight of taking life with each beat. wing, as João Cabral de Melo Neto says”, observes Gabriel Gutierrez.