structures of energy

galeria cortesi, milan, italy
28.10.2022 - 27.1.2023

 The German artist Heinz Mack is the protagonist of the solo exhibition Strutture di Energia | Structures of Energy, at Galeria Cortesi.


The exhibition curated by Francesca Pola, in close collaboration with the Artist and his studio, intends to pay particular attention to Mack’s recent activity, focusing on the dialectic of pure colours of his Chromatische Konstellationen (Chromatic Constellations), that layered in transparency or juxtaposed in juxtaposition, in counterpoint or gradation, articulate the spatiality of the surface in new, radiant harmonies.


Here we find the dynamic and active relationship between colour, light, structure and space that constitutes the creative fulcrum of these extraordinary energy structures, both chromatic and physical. The exhibition is studded by some large-scale works, including the impressive marks of Parade of Colours (Chromatic Constellation), 2000, in dialogue with recent works coming directly from the Artist’s studio, including a selection of works on paper, which highlight the search for purity and colour transparency.