brasil futuro: as formas da democracia

museu nacional de brasilia, brasilia, brazil
1.1 - 26.2.2023

Alongside President’s inauguration on January 1st, 2023, the Museu Nacional de Brasília organized the group exhibition Brasil Futuro: as Formas da Democracia [Future Brazil: The Forms of Democracy] curated by Lilia Schwarcz, anthropologist, Rogério Carvalho, architect, Márcio Tavares, PT’s secretary of culture, and Paulo Vieira, actor. The presentation was arranged in three sessions and gathers works from more than one hundred Brazilian visual artists from different generations, races, genders, and places


Amongst the pieces on display, there are paintings by Elian Almeida and Jaime Lauriano.

Both artists based their practices on the experience of black bodies in Brazilian society and ancestry.


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