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carlito carvalhosa

Carlito Carvalhosa will have his first solo exhibition at Galeria Nara Roesler beginning on August 30, featuring a mega installation especially designed for the gallery’s facilities. The piece consists of old wooden lighting posts suspended throughout the venue, combined with glass pieces scattered on the floor. At some points, the logs go across the walls, which help keep them up; at other places, they are kept hanging by the intersections of two or more posts. 

The main room features large wooden artifacts, alongside drinking glasses and fluorescent lamps attached to the rear of the room. It is as though the floor has been suspended onto the wall. This area also includes roughly 16 small drawings created like “carvings” on the blue paint. At the front of the gallery, the glass window is taken by drinking glasses and lamps, this time laying on the floor and “going through” the window towards the street.