trip transformadores | 2016 - berna reale

berna reale

The brazlian artist Bernal Reale tells that her older friend likes to say that the moment she was spanked by the doctor as soon as she was born, she did not cry but asked why she was being beaten. The joy with which he narrates the small cause contrasts with the rigor and artistic commitment of the performances for which he denounces episodes of injustice and violence. Considered one of the most important artists of the Brazilian contemporary scene, Berna says she lost count of the amount of work she produced - artistic activity that intensified after she started working as a criminal expert in 2009. Since then, there have been 12 performance videos and more than 20 photographic installations. If on one side is your art, on the other is your work as an expert. According to Berne, she has been in more than 400 scenes of crimes. These multiple faces of Berne's daily life serve as a raw material for the transformation of her ideas into action-or, as she prefers to call it, resistance. "I have a chaotic life and my artistic process goes in that direction," he says. Bern represented Brazil at the 2015 Venice Biennale, one of the most important contemporary art exhibitions in the world. Earlier this year, the artist and criminal expert reported a case of aggression at the Institute of Criminalistics of Belém (PA). She claims to have been threatened and pressed against the wall by a superior. The case is being analyzed.