a espiral e o labirinto

josé patrício

Starting on May 5th, Galeria Nara Roesler will feature the exhibition The spiral and the Labyrinth, by José Patrício. This will be the Pernambuco-based artist's third individual show at the gallery, curated by Cristiana Tejo, the co-curator of the last Panorama of Brazilian Art at the MAM-São Paulo, and author of the critical essay for this exhibition. 


The artwork is a continuation of the artist's ongoing research into the universe of numbers and combinations. The works are reminiscent of the Vanitas (vanities), artistic expressions originated in the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, especially in the Netherlands, and which emphasize the brevity of human life, with near-ubiquitous skulls and skeletons. José Patricio carries this discussion into modern days by using those classic symbols, and sentences that reflect on human finiteness.