On the occasion of the online art fair Not Cancelled, Galeria Nara Roesler is proud to showcase a solo presentation by artist Bruno Dunley. Dunley is part of a generation of Brazilian painters often referred to as the 2000e8 group: a collective based in São Paulo founded with a common interest for painting, with the aim of enabling its eight members to develop a critical approach to painting within the contemporary art scene. Bruno Dunley’s process can be traced back to a continuous and relentless intrigue for visual repertoires—a quest to gather, study and understand different imageries, methods and aesthetic theories—which he integrates and subsequently investigates in his own production. His work is not an iteration, but rather the result of a huge internal network of references, intertwined, tangled, interpreted and expressed as a means of exploring the realm of painting. Perhaps it is this internal ebullition of visuals and methods that guide the stunning depth of each of his works—e.g. the layers and surface work—as Dunley repeatedly scrapes his work and starts over, inherently capturing the artist’s incessant strive for novel visual possibilities. Ultimately, each painting is not only the expression of past investigations, studies, thoughts, interpretations but the result of a continuous process of understanding, in which the artist embarks on and develops with each stroke he applies on the canvas, progressively and intuitively seeking for the poetic possibilities that emerge as his repertoire conflates and the unconscious creativity invested in his artistic gesture materializes.

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