From October 18th, 2017 through April 19th, 2018 a selection of Paulo Bruscky's works will be on view at the Centre Georges Pompidou, in Paris. The artist participates in the project L'oeil écoute (The listening eye), which proposes reflections on modern art from the dialogue between works of the permanent collection and invited artists. In this edition, the project explores the relationships between art, music and poetry, drawing a parallel between the productions of artists such as Picasso and Brancusi and the music of Erik Satie and the Russian Ballets. In the areas dedicated to Bruscky, it will be exhibited fundamental works of visual and sound poetry, mail art and performance developed throughout his career. Some of these pieces will be incorporated to Pompidou's collection after the exhibition. Works like Poema Processo, 1970, and Silence - Homage to John Cage, 1993, also share the space with rare works by Vicente do Rego Monteiro. 


The strong connection between the two artists is emphasized by the common experience of affirming one's own language and the desire for experimentation. When revisiting the works of the modern artist in the collection of the museum, Bruscky once again reestablishes the path between France and Brazil, done so often by Vicente do Rego Monteiro. In a unique opportunity, it is possible to see, side-by-side, the intelligent humor and the sensitive look that connects two important generations of Brazilian art to international artists of fundamental relevance in the history of art.