After her last solo exhibition at Nara Roesler Gallery, in 2007, Laura Vinci has participated in several national and international important events: in 2007, she participated in the exhibition Mono#Cromático, at Mario Sequeira Gallery, in Portugal; in 2008, she showed the installation Lux, at Capela do Morumbi, and participated in the exhibition Intempéries - O Fim do Tempo, at OCA; in 2009, she participated in the 10th International Cuenca Biennial, in Ecuador, and in the After Utopia – Museo Pecci, in Prato, Italy; in 2010, she took part in Riciclarti 2010 Cantiere Arte Ambientali, in Pádua, besides creating two installations for the Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa in Lisbon. Simultaneously, she did the scenery for the play , in 2009, and for the play O idiota, which received the prize for best staging from APCA [[State of São Paulo Art Critics Association]] and is one of the nominees for best scenery at the 2011 Shell Prize.

Laura Vinci returns to Nara Roesler Gallery with an exhibition that includes two installations and a set of seven metal engravings. 

In the new space at the gallery’s entrance a site specific will by shown. It will be composed of three pendulums in stretched brass and a wall drawing. In another space, protected by a metal curtain, a slightly elevated marble floor occupies the gallery’s main salon. From a low relief built in the floor itself a haze will appear; it will be produced by a steam release system. The transformations and the time that goes by, which are seen through the fluid and subtle steam variations, propose a game that encourages contemplation and concentration. The white-colored room divided by the metal curtain contributes to the setting.

Between these two works, at the center of the gallery, seven 120 x 80 cm-large metal engravings from the series Desenhos de Caderno will be shown. They have few copies, seven each, and will be exhibited in its entirety for the first time.