Galeria Nara Roesler | São Paulo is pleased to announce 
"A Geometria dos Afetos", an exhibition for the benefit of CAPACETE.

Presenting works by Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Ernesto Neto, Falke Pisano, Jarbas Lopes, Laura Lima, Leonor Antunes and Marcos Chaves, artists who have collaborated with CAPACETE over the years. 

These lasting relationships reaffirm the importance of established connections and their role in an economy that is also based on exchanges and kinship.

CAPACETE is the oldest residency, artistic and cultural exchange program in Brazil, with over 18 years of experience. Founded in 1998, by Helmut Batista in Rio de Janeiro, CAPACETE offers an artistic program that is structured through research residencies, public presentations in various formats, training program for professionals (Escola Capacete) and children (Pequeno Laboratório), open courses, experimental kitchen, library collections and publications. Over the years, CAPACETE has established partnerships with international institutions of great prestige, acting as an open doorway to the culture and the Brazilian artistic context. Until today, more than 400 professionals from different countries have pass through the CAPACETE program.


Buying a work of this exhibition, you will be supporting CAPACETE to continue its program and cultural mission. Sales will be reversed in support for the 2017 program.