construções sensíveis: a experiência geométrica latino-americana na coleção ella fontanais-cisneros

ccbb - bh, minas gerais, brasil
12.10.2018 - 7.1.2019

Curated by Rodolfo de Athayde and Ania Rodriguez, the exhibition brings together a cut of abstraction in our continent presenting the important legacy of Brazilian concretism and neoconcretism, alongside the abstract poetics that have flourished in other countries since the 1930s. Specially thought for Brazil, it pays a subtle tribute to the exhibition "Arte Agora III, América Latina: Geometria sensível" destroyed in a tragic fire in 1978, when he occupied the MAM Rio de Janeiro. Several artists presented on that historic occasion are present, together with contemporary artists that point to the directions of the current abstraction. Curated by Rodolfo de Athayde and Ania Rodriguez.

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