o outro trans-atlântico - arte ótica e cinética no Leste Europeu e na América Latina entre os anos 1950 e 1970

sesc pinheiros, são paulo/sp, brasil
10.8 - 28.10.2018

The exhibition examines a brief but historically significant moment in the postwar era when artists from Eastern Europe and Latin America shared an enthusiasm for Kinetic Art and Op Art. This trend represented an alternative and a challenge to the critical consensus of the dominant art in the North Atlantic. While Abstract Expressionism reigns in the established art centers of Paris, London, and New York, a distinct chapter of art history was being written, linking the poles of Warsaw, Budapest, Zagreb, Bucharest, and Moscow with Buenos Aires, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The exhibition was organized by the Museum of Modern Art of Warsaw in 2017, having passed by the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow in 2018.