horizontes - a paisagem nas coleções mam rio

museu de arte moderna do rio de janeiro (mam rio), rio de janeiro, brasil
10.11.2018 - 10.3.2019

Horizontes - A paisagem nas coleções do MAM Rio is part of a trilogy of exhibitions about the genres of classical painting: portrait, landscape, and still-life. If genre today explores issues like identity, discrimination, domination, and the emancipation of minorities and other cultures, it is evident that, for many centuries, such a term restricted itself to few questions that painting could explore, conceived by the artist and viewed by the public. Gathering video, painting, sculpture, object, drawing, photography, engraving, and installation, the exhibition has - as a starting point - landscape paintings to revisit - and also to renew - one of the classic genres of panting. The exhibition is comprised of nearly 70 artists from different generations.


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