law & (dis)order

v tape - 401 richmond street west, suite #452, toronto, ontario
5 - 29.2.2020

Berna Reale is part of LAW & (DIS)ORDER, a group show curated by Noor Alé and Claudia Mattos. The exhibition brings together a group of artists who highlight ruptures in the relationship between police and the people they are sworn to protect. Namely, the works call attention to abuses of power or corruptions in the ways that the law is enforced. The works all bring light to these issues performatively, and many of the performances—exhibited as videos—outline the often bureaucratic absurdity of police corruption through the use of humor or parody. Ultimately, the works deal with the very serious issues of police corruption and violence in a way that does not sensationalize or trivialize these matters but offers a different, and perhaps more accessible, point of entry into a widely-cast discussion about ethics and reform.

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