entre tanto

bruno dunley, sergio sister
casa de cultura do parque, são paulo, sp, brazil
17.10.2020 - 28.2.2021
Bruno Dunley, Sem título, 2019

The exhibition entre tanto establishes a dialogue between artists of different generations, showcasing the work of Sérgio Sister, whose practice began in the 1960s, along with that of Bruno Dunley and André Ricardo, both part of a generation of painters that emerged in the 2000s. According to the Casa de Cultura do Parque's artistic director and curator, "the idea is to gather Sister's work with that of two young painters, Dunley and Ricardo, in order to show not only the particularities of each one's practice, but also to incite a debate about how modern question have evolved in contemporaneity and how painting engages with the questions at stake in today's art." The exhibition allows for the public to delve into the artists' production, while deepening its contextual understanding as the audience is able to perceive similarities, differences, tensions and assertions that imbue the prolific pictorial field, and allow for each artist's originality and expressivity to take form.