Haus der Kunst, Munique, Alemanha
11.6.2021 - 9.1.2022

Isaac Julien’s ‘Territories’ (1984) is on view at 'Sweat', a group exhibition at Haus der Kunst, in Munich, Germany. Curated by Anna Schneider and Raphael Fonseca, the project brings together artists that respond to several conditions of political pressure that emerge by the tension between the systemic global injustice and the impressive growth of alliances of transnational resistance movements to it. The works presented range from the present day to inaugural pieces from the 1970s and ‘80s that mobilized feminist and postcolonial discourses in culture. Isaac Julien 's ‘Territories’ fits this context as an experimental documentary about the Notting Hill Carnival. It locates the event within the struggle between white authority and black youth and reflects on its history as a symbolic act of resistance.