em profundidade (campos minados): angola e bósnia

sala de exposições da escola das artes, universidade católica portuguesa, porto, portugal
5.5 - 23.6.2022

Alice Miceli presents two series of her In Depth (minefields) project in an exhibition at the School of Arts of the Catholic University of Portugal, in Porto, curated by Luis Camillo Osório. The work presents territories that have gone through war conflicts, where there still exists active underground mines. The images resemble trivial landscapes, however, it is in the details that the danger is revealed.

The opening is part of Traumatic landscape, a congress that discussed the relationship of images with traumatic historical, spatial, and political realities, identifying how images can be artistic and political in the same way. In the two series presented, Angola and Bosnia the same landscape is photographed in a sequence, in which the focal length of the camera corresponds to the distance of one step as if with each click the artist got closer and closer to the danger.

Luiz Camillo Osorio states that "there is no drama in the images, they look like prosaic landscapes and at the same time they look strange, intriguing. If the viewer passes quickly by them, they will not see anything. That is where the danger always resides. The imminent threat is in the details ". The danger is latent, even after peace has been declared in most of these territories.