galpão bela maré, rio de janeiro, rj, brasil
7.5 - 6.8.2022

Raul Mourão's New Brazilian Flag #1 is participating in Misturas, a group exhibition curated by Jean Carlos Azuos and Clarissa Diniz,  in celebration of Galpão Bela Maré’s 10th anniversary, a cultural center that has contributed to democratizing and disseminating all types of artistic expressions in Maré, a complex of favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Azuos, curator of the space: “‘Misturas’ organizes corporeities, poetics, and geographies that influence Galpão Bela Maré’s philosophy and trajectory. It is a symbolic exhibition that portrays a decade of great achievements and experiences in the Brazilian artistic scene, taking as inspiration the possibilities of the space together with its survival, expansion, and densification.”