tomie: a dança da água

instituto tomie ohtake (ito), são paulo, brasil
24.5 - 23.10.2022

Starting from May 24th until October 23rd, Instituto Tomie Ohtake (ITO) hosts “Tomie: a Dança da Água”, curated by Paulo Miyada and Priscyla Gomes. The exhibition, which occupies the special room dedicated to the artist, precedes “Tomie Dançante”, to be inaugurated in November, in celebration of ITO's 20th anniversary.


“Tomie: a Dança da Água” displays works in which Tomie Ohtake adopted acrylic paint in her paintings. The fluidity of the water, used as a solvent for the paint, serves as an introduction to "Tomie Dançante" which addresses the relationship between the artist, the body, the gesture, and the space, revealing that everything is in motion, 


According to the curators: “From their experiments derive works that sometimes show us different stages of submersion: they are shapes whose contours test the limits of what may or may not be miscible with water. Others seem to allude to refraction that distorts the view of what is beneath a surface. In the set of works, different bluish hues – from the brightest to the melancholic twilight tones – meet with experiments without chromaticism, in which the mixture of blacks and whites is on stage”.