mapa da estrada: novas obras no acervo da pinacoteca de são paulo

pinacoteca do estado de são paulo, são paulo, brasil
14.5 - 12.9.2022

Braille IV’ (2013), by Bruno Dunley, is now on view at Pinacoteca de São Paulo. The work, which is now part of the museum’s permanent collection, participates in the group show “Mapa da estrada” [Map of the road] which presents works acquired by the museum's Patronos da Arte Contemporânea [Patrons of Contemporary Art] program. The exhibition is on view from May 14 until September 12, 2022.


“Braille IV” is characteristic of Dunley's practice in the 2010s. The period is marked by a predominant use of whites, blacks and gray tones. The silence of the image is reinforced by the arrangement of the Braille alphabet, which also evokes the idea of diagrams and schematics, which have become a main point of focus in his more recent production.


Learn more about the exhibition here.